When does the next in-game event start?

Respawn entertainment brings the seasonal ghost to Apex Legends through the Monsters Within event. Following the very successful launch of the Apex Chronicles series, we’ve got everything you need to know about when the Monsters Within event is due to start and what to expect.

UPDATE – Let’s take a closer look at Caustic’s skin …

Caustic’s Synthesis Chamber skin, coming to Apex Legends during the Monsters in the event, is perhaps the strangest of all. As you can see below, Caustic is … Growing something in his chest?

We know he’s up to some weird stuff, but that’s something else! It certainly takes “Monsters Within” phrasing to a new level, anyway. You should be able to pick it up from the Apex Store with the new Bloodhound, Revenant, and Seer skins for the duration of the event.

START DATE – When does it all start?

Apex Legends’ Monsters Within event has been confirmed to start on October 12 and is scheduled to run through November 2.

There will be a return of Shadow Royale in the first week of this event and a three-week rewards track for players to work on while they research Monsters Within-themed Apex packs for new cosmetics. It’s not the biggest new event we’ve ever seen, but it’s not a bad one.

Here is the announcement of Respawn entertainment:

WHAT TO EXPECT – Monsters in the Event

The Monsters Within event will be a Halloween event like no other.

You can check out a handful below:

That being said, it will still play out like a normal Apex Legends event. There will be a collection to complete and a rewards track offering free cosmetic items and Apex Packs throughout the event.

Rumors have it that Wattson will finally get his Legend Heirloom at this event. This means that you will be able to get your hands on it by collecting all the cosmetics available during the Monsters Within event. That remains to be seen, but we can hope … Is not it?

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