Watch: Canadian woman finds cat missing after 12 years

January 10 (UPI) – A woman in Ontario, Canada, whose cat fled her home in the summer of 2010 found the missing feline when her pet showed up at a shelter 12 years later.

Christine De Castro, from Kitchener, said she received a phone call from Vaughan Animal Services on New Years Day saying that one of her pets had been found and that she was initially confused after checking that her cat and her two dogs were at home.

De Castro said her confusion turned to shock when the animal found turned out to be Loli, a cat who fled her home when she lived in Richmond Hill, Ont., In the summer of 2010.

Vaughan Animal Services told him that Loli had been picked up as a stray and scanned for a microchip, which revealed De Castro’s contact details.

“I was in shock and quickly made plans with my partner to pick her up,” De Castro told CBC Toronto. “I’m still in shock about a week and a half later.”

De Castro said she brought the 14-year-old cat home on January 3.

“When I saw her her face looked a lot more cranky than I remember which tends to happen with older cats. Otherwise she looked exactly the same. She’s still a very small one. brown tabby that I had 11 and a half years ago, ”she said. noted.

De Castro said Loli was separated from her other pets until she received the results of her vet exam.

“I wish the cats could talk so she could tell me where she has been … but I’m glad she came to me now to take care of her old golden years,” he said. she declared.

A Californian cat was reunited with its owner last year after an even longer period – 15 years.

The Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control Department said Officer Luis Leal responded to a call about an injured stray cat on the porch of a Palmdale resident in February 2020, and Leal brought the feline at the Palmdale Animal Care Center.

The cat was scanned for a microchip and identified as Brandy, a feline that has been missing for 15 years. Brandy has reunited with her owner, a man named Charles.

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