Vermintide 2 in-game event celebrates five years of rat slaughter

The original Vermintide came out five years ago, introducing us to the Ubersreik Five and the joys of slaying the mutant rat people known as skaven in droves. Fatshark developers celebrate anniversary with an in-game event in its sequel Vermintide 2, which runs through October 26.

First, there’s the return of A Quiet Drink, the card available during previous anniversary events. It’s a pub crawl that leads from the Hungry Troll Tavern to the Obese Megalodon, with tailor-made drunken dialogue and hordes of enemies along the way. Complete this or any other mission this week and you will get a free grotesque hat with the Obese Megalodon pub mascot theme. It’s a shark’s head. A selection of hats packages are on sale too much.

There is also a kill counter that will track every enemy killed between now and November 1. If he hits 300,000,005 everyone will be rewarded with a triple XP weekend, and if he breaks 555,555,555 it will be two triple XP weekends. He is already at 19 800 062.

Finally, there is a Twitch stream which will take place on October 23 at “around 4pm CET,” they say, where Fatshark’s CEO and narrative director will be remembered and “maybe share something new.” Maybe more information on the Chaos Wastes expansion? Or additional DLC careers in the vein of the Grail Knight? We will have to wait and see.

Vermintide and Vermintide 2 are both outstanding cooperative shooters: Vermintide 2 ranks pretty high in our list of all Warhammer Fantasy games, ranked.

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