Tyler Animal Services is offering a special adoption offer for donating dog food

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – During the pandemic and inflation, many East Texans have turned to food banks to feed their families. Now there is a growing need for help for the four-legged members of our families.

For the month of May, Tyler Animal Services is waiving adoption fees for dogs and cats with the donation of two bags of dog food weighing 35 pounds or more to help restock its pet food bank.

Adoption fees are normally $120 for dogs and $80 for cats.

“It’s kind of our food bank for people who may be considering giving up their pet because they can’t feed it,” said Shawn Markmann, director of Tyler Animal Services. “We just give them this food and help them overcome the financial hurdle.”

The Pet Food Bank has distributed over 15,000 pounds of food since 2015.

“If people want to bring us donations and things like that, they go to our pet food bank,” Markmann said. “It’s the food that goes back into the community.”

Pet Food Bank food is not used to feed shelter animals; which is paid for by taxes collected by the city.

Instead, many people in the community use this resource to feed their pets when needed, but supplies are running low.

“We’re just really low right now,” Markmann said. “I think there are only a few bags left on the shelf. As we distribute it, we have to replenish it.

Pet food donations are also welcome at any time from the community, even from those who are not looking to adopt a pet.

“If people just want to donate, come to the shelter, 4218 Chandler Highway, and you can just bring us some food and we’ll put it on the shelf as well.”

The Pet Food Bank donates food to local rescue locations such as Highway 80 Rescue Mission, so they can distribute it as well.

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