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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – What started out as a normal Tuesday morning for Zen’Yari Winters turned into a two-hour rescue mission to pull two dogs out of a drainage ditch.

“The MAS is out. She looked over there. She was like, ‘There’s no way they’re jumping over there, somebody must have been teasing them over there,'” Winters said.

The dogs, Ariel and Scuttle, were in the back, barking and whining, waiting to be picked up.

“Both of them had this long thread attached to their collars. It wasn’t a leash. It was literally like someone tied it to their collar,” Winters said.

But how exactly to save the dogs was a challenge, as it’s a 10+ foot drop. Rescuers had to get creative.

“They had to take a rope and tie it up and bring them over there and get them out,” she said.

Winters said she’s been checking the dogs since.

” They are fine. They are very friendly. They are up for adoption. I don’t know if they have owners, but they’re being adopted right now,” she said.

While it’s still unclear exactly how they ended up there, Winters said she hopes the original dog owners will come forward.

“It makes me angry, I hope I never find the person who did it. It makes me so angry. I want to cry. Like I said, I consider him my child,” he said. she declared.

Memphis Animal Services said they believe Scuttle, the brown dog, was around 2 years old and Ariel was 1.

Winters said she hoped the two could be adopted together and that Scuttle was super protective of her sister.

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