Tulare County Animal Services continues through tough times

The shelters are at maximum capacity, but Heffington does not refuse any animals. Worse still, “kitten season” usually runs from March to early fall. This is where animal shelters and animal services have the most kittens coming through their doors. Heffington said the shelter has taken in nearly 900 kittens and cats over the past few months. With the help of new animal services coordinator Candance Harrington, the shelter was able to send about 500 of these cats into the foster system and eventually up for adoption.

The expanded foster program allows for more space in the shelter, which is crucial given the number of animals that enter the shelter each day. Heffington said that since Harrington arrived in March this year, they have been able to find temporary homes for more animals than in the past.

According to Heffington, there are currently 115 animals in foster care, most of which are kittens, aside from a handful of puppies. These cats are distributed among approximately 20 to 25 households throughout the county.

“Most animals do so much better in a house than in a shelter environment,” Harrington said. “So whoever is willing to volunteer their time, love and support for these animals, we will always appreciate and are always on board to say yes.”

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Jennifer R. Strohm