Trussville approves contract with GBHS for animal control and pound services

By Hannah Curran, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE – The town of Trussville approves a contract with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) for animal control and pound services on Tuesday February 22.

Trussville City Council has approved a contract with the Birmingham Humane Society for animal control and pound services. (Photo by Hannah Curran)

According to the resolution presented to council members, in November 2021, the Jefferson County Commission issued Invitation to Tender #7-22 (ITB) on behalf of the Purchasing Association of Central Alabama (PACA) and its members. He would accept sealed bids for animal control and pound services under the ITB.

“WWe’ve been using them for four years, we used to do it ourselves,” Mayor Buddy Choat said. “We used to let the police and public works deal with it, but we signed the contract almost five years ago now. So it’s just a renewed contract, they had to negotiate a new tariff with the departmental commission. So we accepted their new rate.

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The Board verifies, determines, declares and finds that the provision of the Services by GBHS and the Agreement as provided will serve a public purpose and are necessary, desirable and in the best interests of Trussville. The health, safety, and welfare of its residents allows for humane control and care of animals in the city and access to pound facilities. Therefore, council concludes that the items represent significant public benefits to the city and its citizens.

“WWe have no other way to take care of the animals,” Choat said. “Some of them go into town to the shelter, they’re adopted. Some of them are just, we don’t know who they belong to, and we try to help them, but it plays a big role for us and for keep animals safe and off the streets.

The Board members have approved and authorized GBHS to perform the services as set out in the ITB. Accordingly, Trussville will pay GBHS the cost which shall not exceed the agreed upon amount, excluding, where applicable, services in books paid on a pro rata basis to Jefferson County as provided in the ITB.

Greater Birmingham Humane Society Animal Care and Control has been expressly incorporated into the response to the ITB to perform services for GBHS as a sub-contractor. Consequently, they are authorized to perform all or part of the services for the Town of Trussville.

GBHS is an independent city contractor. Accordingly, this resolution does not create any partnership, joint venture or principal-agent relationship between the City and GBHS. Further, the City retains no control or authority over its means and methods in which GBHS (or any of its employees, contractors or representatives) performs the Services.

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