Trove celebrates National Trail Day with an in-game event

In a move no one probably saw coming, MMORPG building blocks treasure decided to celebrate National Hiking Day.

For those who didn’t know that there is yet another frivolous holiday, today – November 17 – is National Hiking Day.

Players interested in joining the event can read the conditions of participation here and can check how to enter below:

National Hiking Day in Trove

How to enter?

  1. Travel through 4 different maps in Trove, take a screenshot with your character clearly visible.
  2. Add the name of the cards in the description
  3. Submit all 4 screenshots in the Forum or Discord.
  4. Don’t forget to include your character name and server language (and platform) and you’re done!

Prizes will be raffled off to everyone who submitted at least 4 screenshots and are fully eligible with all conditions (see above)!

The main reward for joining the event is 5x Dev Dream Boxes, which are guaranteed to give players a unique item they don’t yet own.

Players who join the event can also have the chance to win 30x Go(a)lden tickets for treasureThe other news from Go(a)lden Days.

The Go(a)lden Days event is sponsored by the computer peripherals company havit, and will reward three lucky treasure players with a havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

Interested players can find the Go(a)lden Days event rules in this Community Manager forum post.

treasure is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems (Going through Steam).

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Jennifer R. Strohm