Tiger Found During Arrest Didn’t Escape Dallas Zoo – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A tiger was found at a home in the Redbird community where authorities were executing an arrest warrant on Wednesday, Dallas police told the Dallas Morning News.

It happened in the 2700 block of Meadow Gate Lane near Pecan Ridge Drive. Dallas police told DallasNews.com that officers are assisting US Marshals with a federal arrest warrant.

No word from police or U.S. Marshals what the warrant was for, but police have confirmed an arrest has been made.

Dallas Animal Services told the newspaper they had secured the tiger and he was in custody “at an undisclosed location.” The tiger’s age has not been confirmed and authorities have yet to share a photo of the cat. It’s also not immediately clear when or where it will be moved.

News of the tiger was a hot topic on social media, with rumors that it had escaped from the Dallas Zoo. The zoo tweeted Wednesday afternoon“We want to assure everyone that our tigers are all taken care of and safe here at the zoo” in hopes of allaying concerns.

A neighbor who spoke to Telemundo 39 on Wednesday night said she considered herself a novice zoologist and would have loved to see a tiger in the neighborhood.

“Just looking out the window and saying, ‘Is that a tiger?’ Yeah, I would have completely eaten that,” she said.

Some states prohibit individuals from owning big cats, but Texas leaves it up to local governments to ban these exotic animals. In Dallas County, it is illegal to keep a tiger as a pet.

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Jennifer R. Strohm