The North Berwick Highland Games parade takes place at the event square

LOCAL bagpipe groups and dancers will head to North Berwick town center tomorrow evening (Saturday) as part of a parade usually held to mark the end of the town’s Highland Games.

The North Berwick and Haddington Pipe Bands will be joined by Highland dancers from Dunedin Dance Academy, all of whom will perform well-known songs and dances.

Quality Street will be closed from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to allow the parade to run safely.

It will begin at the main gates of the Lodge Grounds with a large group and, after individual and group performances, will end with a salute from East Lothian Provost John McMillan, accompanied by John Starr, President of North Berwick Highland Games.

The parade is hosted on behalf of the Highland Games by Jim Hunter who, while a student at North Berwick High School, was a drummer in the North Berwick Pipe Band.

He now lives in the south of England, where he spent 40 years working in management with companies such as British Airways.

Due to the Covid pandemic, the North Berwick Highland Games have been canceled this year and recently, but organizers hope to be able to host their 25th games on the first Saturday in August 2022.

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