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For the first time ever, Amazon Games and Prime Video are working together to bring you a special gaming event. From December 24 until January 11, fans of New world will be able to earn new in-game items related to Prime Video’s hit fantasy series The wheel of time.

Alignment with the Season 1 finale of The wheel of time, New world players can unlock new rewards that include weapon skins, clothing, and additional surprises by watching New world contraction flow. The streams will also include watch evenings for The wheel of time so you can watch with your favorite streamer. You can find more information about the feeds here, but here are some things you can unlock:

  • Tam blade: A blade stamped with this seal signifies that its wearer has earned the right to call himself a master of forms.

  • Shadow Spawn Blade: A heavy and brutal sword capable of great violence as used by the Trollocs, the soldiers of the Army of the Dark One.

  • Red Ajah Cape: Each Ajah has their own purpose and rules, with those wearing red being known to hunt down men who use the same power.

  • Children of the Light: Worn by the White Capes and the enemies of the Aes Sedai, they are the independent military organization dedicated to finding Darkfriends and eradicating perceived evil and corruption in the world.

  • Egwene’s Cape & Nynaeve’s Coat: These outfits represent the look of Egwene al’Vere and Nynaeve al’Meara, residents of Two Rivers, who, along with their friends, are embarked on an adventure in search of the Dragon Reborn.

  • Ouroboros Ridge: The signature of the Wheel of Time, it represents the serpent devouring itself and being reborn signifying birth and death through time.

If you haven’t got New world, you can pick it up on Amazon for $ 39.99. A deluxe edition, including the Woodsman armor and ax skins, the Mastiff pet, the Rock / Paper / Scissors emoticon set and New world digital art book, is available for $ 49.99.

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Jennifer R. Strohm