The Meeple Guild: Game event back in Saskatoon

YORKTON / SASKATOON – One of the things that has proven to be a lot of fun over the years is attending gaming conventions.

Although there are huge happenings in Europe and the US, never fear, you don’t have to travel overseas to find a gambling scam.

For example, there’s ToonCon, which takes place every year in Saskatoon, except for 2021, in Saskatoon. The event is scheduled for April 8-10.

The event is organized by “a group of board game enthusiasts, we have no affiliation with any organization, although we are sponsored by Saskatoon Game Stores,” explained John Burt.

Burt said ToonCon has been successful because of the events offered each year.

“The main things that draw people in and keep them coming back year after year, after year are the games we put on, the camaraderie of the players and the friendships that develop during the games,” he said.

“Another big draw is the toy library, of which we have about 250 games, some of which are not common, like Le Passe Trappe.”

The event is all about games.

“ToonCon is about tabletop games, we’ve also hosted an L2P (Learn to Play) D&D in the past, but we don’t have speakers or Q&A sessions,” Burt said.

Another attraction is the annual game auction, a fun way to trade games.

“It’s a fun and efficient way to try out games inexpensively,” Burt said. “We sometimes have KickStarter games that people have ordered and decided it’s not for them, so the variety is pretty huge.”

ToonCon 2022 might be more interesting than most since the pandemic has impacted recent events, so there’s kind of a backlog of games to showcase and play.

For Burt, Twilight Imperium IV is the game he looks forward to, “because the game is good and the players are so relaxed and friendly with each other.”

Another interesting one is 1844, “because I love train games, but I never get to play 18xx games often,” he said.

And, “Food Chain Magnate, because it’s nice to see people playing it.”

When asked if there were any games with a local connection, Burt said no in 2022.

“No, there are a few local designers (from Saskatoon) but none of their games are playing this year, the closest link is Brass Birmingham, which was released by a Calgary company, Roxley Games,” a- he declared.

In 2020, the event attracted just under 200 people, with growth each year.

“This year I can’t venture to guess how many people there will be, I think it might even go down a bit. This year is a guess,” Burt said.

Early bird registration began March 20 and ends April 1. If you are interested, go to and register.

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Jennifer R. Strohm