The Humane Society’s Annual Fundraiser Sold Out

CRESTLINE — The rain couldn’t keep the people away. The Village Square Hub at Crestline was full Friday night. Puttin’ On the Dog, the Humane Society Serving Crawford County’s annual fundraiser, was a success in its 13th year.

“There are 220 seats filled,” said Victoria Caldwell, executive director of the Humane Society Serving Crawford County, and the event raised $22,500 for the Humane Society.

2022 marks the first year at the Hub. The event featured food, raffles, live music and games to entertain guests.

“We doubled the number of people in attendance,” Caldwell said.

The 2021 participation inspired this year’s committee chair and shelter manager.

A sold-out crowd of 220 raised $22,500 for the Humane Society Serving Crawford County.  at the annual Puttin' on the Dog event held at the Hub on Friday.

“Last year was my freshman year,” Hannah Schafer said. “It just gave me chills.”

Fundraising has built the community over the past 13 years.

“We are so humbled and so blessed,” Caldwell said. “It’s about as much for the people present as for us.

Support for the organization is more than local. It affects people from multiple states, even across national borders.

“The people here tonight are a small example of those who support us,” Caldwell said. “We are getting messages of support from many of our social media channels.”

Local business owners brought their dates.

“I’m here tonight with a guy I’m dating, Dr. John Shuler,” Judi Teaters said. “He owns the Horizon Animal Hospital in Galion.”

Supporting animals provides support.

“This is my first time at this event and my first time here at the Hub,” Teaters said. “I love animals; anything I can do to support the Humane Society.

Past participants were excited to return. In previous years, family sporting events typically took place on fundraiser night.

“We’re attending tonight for the first time in about five years,” said Jill Kinn.

Kinn’s husband, Kip, of Kinn Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., stood nearby watching the auction prices. “We’ve done all the work with the new animal shelter,” he said.

The atmosphere inside the event contrasted with national and international headlines about the war in Ukraine and political wrangling.

“We have to love each other,” Caldwell said.

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Jennifer R. Strohm