Secured loans for your travel

Secured loans for your travel

The desire to travel knows only one obstacle: the profit meter. So much is the desire to get to know new places, to see different places and to move from the daily tram tram, to the usual places in the city, which gets its wallet crying with one eye only against the profit area. Yet there are opportunities to secure a loan for your holidays in a safe and very easy way, without having the anxiety of debt repayment on your head.

In fact, there has been a net increase – let’s talk about double figures – of the funding to immediately have the liquidity needed to realize one’s dream, the unforgettable journey, to reach a goal, because one lives once. And therefore a comfort financing is the best solution for many people, to comply both with a lower availability of money and for a favorable tax strategy.

An example? Asked for an estimate to ten travel agencies for a vacation in the Caribbean, average amount of 10 thousand euros, in seven cases the financing formula was proposed. And, in five of these cases, the duty operator has referred, more or less directly, to the risk that the cash expenditure can be intercepted by tax inspectors.

What is the best offer? A loan for 60 months, with a monthly payment of 203.54 euros and a Taeg of 8.95%. The total amount due is € 12,336.07. That is, over 2300 euros in interest. In one case, a zero-rate loan was proposed, but with a ‘commission’ to be paid to the agency of around one thousand euros.

So the fear of profitability is soon overcome thanks to the financing system. But are only private individuals who take out a loan? Oh no, because it can even become a source of income. The financial companies also offer Asa and Sabbath Lily Hawks for the travel agencies that offer them to pay for the packages they offer.

One thing is clear: no one makes a loan if it is not advantageous. The holiday loan, in fact, is a very successful experiment. The requested amount is credited directly to the current account without any preliminary fee. Unlike other types of loans, it will not be necessary to provide explanations for the use of the money. In essence, it is possible to finance 100% of the trip and even more, without having to provide additional documentation to the financial company. According to the analyzes of Asa and Sabbath Lily, in the first half of 2012 banks and financial institutions granted over 24 million euros in holiday loans.