The Borderers among the winners at the end of the Highland Games season

Hawick’s Robbie Welsh in action at Sunday’s Bowhill Highland Games in Fife (Picture: Royal Scottish Highland Games Association)

Tweed Leader Jed Track athletes took two victories in the senior classes at the games, held at Wallsgreen Park in Cardenden – Scott Tindle finishing first in the 70m open sprint in 7.8 seconds, from a 3.5m mark, ahead of Allan Hamilton of Edinburgh and Krishawn Aiken of Glasgow and Rory Macdonald winning the 800m Open, from a 60m mark, in 2:02.62, ahead of runner-up Dean Whiteford, of Innerleithen, and Connor Henderson, of Kilbarchan in Renfrewshire.

The club also won more than its fair share of podium places, with Caris Brus crossing the line second in the 200m open – won by Gala Harrier Michael Turnbull by a mark of 44m in 21.77s – and Tommy Finkle next in third place.

Macdonald was third in the 400 open, won by Hamilton, from a 10m mark in 51.84 seconds with Natasha Turnbull of Peebles second.

Scott Tindle of Tweed Leader Jed Track receives his award for winning the 70m Open at Sunday’s Bowhill Highland Games (Picture: Royal Scottish Highland Games Association)

Other senior winners from the region at the last meeting on the Games circuit were Hawick’s Robbie Welsh in the 3,200m, from a mark of 315m, in 9:53.88, ahead of John Thomson, of Glenrothes , and Angela Bell, of Forfar, and

Flora Gillies, of Peebles, in the 800m open cyclist, from a 120m mark, in 1:25.74, edging out James Melville, of Alexandria in West Dunbartonshire, and James Hutchison, of Perth.

Welsh also finished third in the 1,600m open, won by Sam Bates, of Tullibody in Clackmannanshire, over the 550m, in 4:28.26, with Andrew Gibson, of Bo’ness, near Falkirk, second .

Gillies finished second in the 3200m cycling open, losing to David Mathieson of Newburgh, with Paul Anderson of Perth third.

Rory Macdonald, leader of Tweed, Jed Track, was all but tested in the 800m open at the Bowhill Highland Games, winning it in 2:02.62 (Picture: Royal Scottish Highland Games Association)

Two youth races were also won by Borders competitors.

Kelso’s Daniel Lawson won over 70m, from a mark of 6.5m, in 7.97s, with TLJT’s Robyn and Ava Lees second and third respectively.

Another Kelso runner, Matty Fleming, won over 800m, from a 140m mark, in 2:00.18, with Falkirk’s Josie Anderson second and Hawick’s Irvine Welsh third.

Anderson won the youth 400m, from 82m, in 53.44s, with Central Athletic Club’s Alfie Laing second and Kelso’s Evie Leonard third.

TLJT’s Tess Renwick finished second in the youth 200m, behind Amber Cunningham of Lothian Running Club, with Leonard again third.

Bowhill’s event was part of a double-header to wrap up the 2022 Royal Scottish Highland Games Association season, following Pitlochry’s in Perth and Kinross the day before, and this one also saw the Borders well represented among the winners.

TLJT’s Caris and Emma Brus won the 90m and 800m handicaps respectively, the former from a mark of 23.5m in 9.63s and the latter from 185m in 1 : 58.94.

Their teammate Tindle finished third in the 200m handicap, behind Daniel Docherty of Clydesdale and David Allan of Balloch.

The 400m handicap saw a clean sweep for the Borders club, with Samantha Turnbull winning, by 83m, in 49.31s, with Macdonald second and Natasha Turnbull third.

Dean Whiteford won the 3,200m handicap, from 350m, in 10:17.69 and was third in the 1,600m, with Robbie Welsh winning this one in 5:23.06.

Gillies finished third in the 800m cycling race, won by Paul Anderson of Perth and Paul Gallacher of Kirkcaldy second.

Kelso’s Charles Fletcher pulled off a winning double, claiming victory in the 3,200m championship and winning the later event.

Innerleithen’s Stuart Whiteford also won the double, finishing first in the men’s 400m, from 58m, in 52.69s, ahead of Kelso’s Rory and Harry Fleming, and in the 800m, from 115m, in 2:01.87, beating Irvine of Hawick. Welsh and Kelso’s Matty Fleming.

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Jennifer R. Strohm