Shreveport economic developer fired in retaliation

Drew Mouton, director of economic development for Shreveport, was notified last Friday that his employment with the City of Shreveport had been terminated due to allegations made against him.

Mouton’s attorney, Allison Jones, released the following statement regarding Mouton’s dismissal:

“It is clear to Mr. Mouton that the actions in this case were taken to silence him and retaliate against him. He is deeply saddened by the events thus developed, but rest assured that Mr. Mouton intends to take all necessary measures to protect his professional reputation and hold accountable those responsible for the false and defamatory allegations against him and the reprisals he is currently facing. Simply put, Mr. Mouton will take all necessary legal steps to vindicate himself and protect his professional reputation against the specious and false accusations that have been leveled against him for political reasons.

Mouton’s attorney, Jones, said Mouton was never given details of the allegations, nor was he given a “full and fair opportunity to defend himself against the allegations”. Jones also says that Mr. Mouton has always been an “advocate of integrity, taking all necessary steps to ensure that City management follows all laws.”

Prior to being hired by Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, Mouton was previously director of innovation for the LSU Health Sciences Center. He was also an adviser to the President of Haiti and worked with the Australian Department of Defence. Mouton was hired to be Shreveport’s Director of Economic Development in June 2021.

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