Shelter orange tabby cat needs a home in SLO County

Henry could well have been called Walter Mitty. Because he’s a mild-mannered orange tabby who seems to have dreamed of a life filled with outrageous adventures.

Looking at him, he is what he appears to be – a sweet 5-year-old pumpkin-colored tabby cat with green-gold eyes who gratefully enjoys being petted.

Yet before arriving at the SLO County Animal Services shelter, he had to explore his adventurous alter ego, only to discover that swashbuckling dreams are far more dangerous in the real world.

When he arrived at the shelter, it was clear his effort to boldly go where no cat had gone before had resulted in a torn ligament in his left rear knee.

Such a wound does not heal on its own. Thankfully, thanks to donations to the shelter’s ARF fund, Henry had the surgery he needed to fix his knee. Now his prognosis is excellent and he is ready to be adopted into a loving home where he has come to complete his recovery.

Having discovered that life outdoors isn’t as wonderful as he imagined, Henry is a great fit for a person or family who appreciates his true self – an indoor cat who yearns to experience every top of couch and explore the joys of a contemplative life.

Daydreamer Henry is looking for a home with a kitten-friendly window so he can watch the thrills and spills of the outside world from his comfortable and safe place inside.


This story was originally published January 14, 2022 5:00 a.m.

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Jennifer R. Strohm