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The 33rd edition of the Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be held on June 14-15.


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Fans of the festival who want a taste of Scottish culture can do so this weekend.

The Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be presented June 14-15 at Hamilton Lakes in Itasca, Illinois.

“This is our 33rd annual event,” said Gus Noble, president of The Chicago Scots, which is the largest Scottish cultural organization in North America. “It’s an event that evolves every year and becomes something different (all the time),” he added.

Everything from Scottish heavy athletics, bagpipes and matching competitions to a shortbread competition; Celtic craftsmanship, a Scottish zoo, a British car show and more will be on display.

Noble said proceeds from the event would benefit the Chicago Scots, which is also Illinois’ oldest 501v3 nonprofit. The Chicago Scots run Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care.

According to Noble, the bagpipe championships held during the festival have mushroomed over the years. “And it’s the biggest bagpipe championship in the region,” he said.

Part of the championship features the musicians playing “Amazing Grace” in unison, which Noble says is a poignant moment.

In addition to hearing bagpipes, participants will be entertained by a variety of groups, including Celtic groups Cleghorn and Rogues. John Ballantyne’s Crazy Heart and The Bandicoots will also be performing.

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