Santa again contracts Kenton County to help answer holiday mail


Listen, Santa Claus is very busy and although he would love to answer every child who reaches out to him, sometimes he has to ask local elves for help.

Kenton County Parks & Recreation is once again teaming up with the Kenton County Public Library to help Santa load his holiday mail. The “Letters to Santa Claus, Letters from Santa Claus” program opens on Monday, November 14.

“The ‘Letters To Santa, Letters From Santa’ program is an opportunity where children of all ages can write a letter to Santa and we, as Santa’s helpers, help make sure Santa sends it back to them. a letter,” says Rhonda Ritzi, Recreation Programs Coordinator for Kenton County Parks & Recreation.

Letters do not need postage if sent to Santa via Kenton County. There are special “Santa Express” mailboxes at the Kenton County Government Center in Covington, the historic Kenton County Courthouse in Independence, Kenton County Animal Services, and Kenton County Public Libraries.

Be sure to include your full home address in legible writing. Each child at an address will get their own letter, so names are also important.

You can also submit your letter online. The deadline for all letters is December 12.

Ritzi says she reads every letter.

“It’s very interesting to hear what kids in this area would like to see from Santa Claus. Some letters are your ‘traditional toy of the year’ or video games or toys in general. Some want their families to have a Happy Christmas; they want other extended family members to come for the holidays,” she said.

She also likes to see the photos that children attach to their letters before sending them to the North Pole.

The program has been running for over 20 years. Ritzi estimates that they send around 1,300 letters each season. Santa Claus usually writes a little note about how things are going at the North Pole.

Although they don’t need any help with helping Santa answer the mail, Ritzi says the elves who stuff the envelopes are welcome.

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Jennifer R. Strohm