‘Rocket League’ will have an in-game event with Grimes

When rocket league unveiled his season 5 cinematic trailer, it featured some really cool footage involving space and galactic battles with Grimes’ song “Player Of Games” blasting in the background. It’s a really cool trailer and features a fun crossover between music and games.

This crossover must have been successful because we will see it again with rocket leaguenext Neon Nights event. Thusday, rocket league, in collaboration with Grimes, announced that the event will begin on January 26 on all platforms and will continue until February 8.

Neon Nights is Rocket League first musical artist-themed in-game event and will include new event challenges with Grimes-themed items, the return of a limited-time mode, and golden moons. These themed items include the “Shinigami Eyes” Gamer Anthems, Grimes-themed Gravitator, Grimes Decal, Grimes Wheels, and a Grimes Gamer Banner. The “Shinigami Eyes” elements refer to GRIMES’ new song which will be released on January 26.

Although this is the first in-game event surrounding a musical artist for rocket league, it’s the latest in a trend that’s starting to become more popular in video games. We’re seeing more and more musical artists embrace video games with special events like this and we don’t expect that to stop anytime soon.

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Jennifer R. Strohm