Riders Republic will host an in-game event to raise awareness about wildfires

It can happen at any time.

Ubisoft has revealed that its extreme sports game, Republic of Horsemen, will receive a live event that will ask players to save the redwoods from burning. This is done to raise awareness about real forest fires and their consequences.

The short but intense event will see some of the Republic of Horsemen the card is closed. Gameplay Director Boris Maniora says the event will not be announced to players in advance. In place, Republic of Horsemen players will be “immediately immersed in the aftermath of forest fires on the outskirts of the map when starting the game“.

During the event, the Social Hub will receive a special reskin to reflect the seriousness of the topic. The sky will turn orange and fog will appear due to the smoke from the fire. Part of the map will then become unbreathable, which will also require players to wear gas masks.

In terms of gameplay, players will be able to use photo mode to determine which areas of Sequoia National Park are most at risk. Players will receive information on the history of wildfires and the potential for future wildfires, then be tasked with co-op covering tree trunks with foil to prevent the fires from spreading. They can also clear paths to facilitate this process.

Ubisoft wants to “have an emotional impact on players regarding the consequences of forest fires”. The details about it Republic of Horsemen the event comes from the UN Play for the Planet Alliance. This is a collection of video game companies that have expressed their dedication and commitment to taking action against climate change. Some of the other companies included in this consortium include Creative Assembly, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Microsoft, and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Ubisoft also has detailed plans for a seasonal event in Skull and bonesto raise awareness of the dangers of overfishing.


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Jennifer R. Strohm