Police remove 11 dogs and raccoons from Frayser’s home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. –A 25-year-old man from Frayser was arrested earlier this month after being charged with animal cruelty last month.

Police said an officer responded to an animal cruelty complaint at 1924 Baldwin Ave in Frayser on September 24, 2021.

Police said an animal services representative received a call from a neighbor worried about neglected animals at the home. The representative said the animals appeared to be undernourished and dehydrated.

Officers knocked on the door to speak to the owner, but no one was home. A total of 11 dogs and a raccoon were recovered from the house.

Investigators found items commonly used to train dogs to fight at home, including a swimming tank, a weighted pulley, weighted collars and several syringes scattered around the yard.

Police said on September 26 that Lorenzo Clark visited the Memphis animal shelter and claimed he was the owner of the dogs. When asked by police why his dogs were left on short chains with no access to water and weighted collars, Clark said he had someone watch them while he was out of the room. town, then abruptly stopped talking and left the shelter.

On October 6, Clark returned to the animal shelter after the court asked about the dogs and was told the dogs belonged to the city of Memphis because he had not paid the fees. Impoundment.

Police said three of the dogs had been euthanized because of their extreme aggression towards other dogs at the shelter, a common trait among dogs trained to fight.

Investigators identified Clark as the owner of the animals. He was arrested and charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty and 3 counts of animal fighting.

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