Placer County declares local emergency due to river fire

Orders for destruction and removal of property

Auburn, Calif .– Placer County has declared a local emergency due to the continuing threat from the Fire River.

The fire in Placer and Nevada counties has burned 2,600 acres, damaged or destroyed approximately 108 structures and 2,400 residents of the Colfax area remain under evacuation order.

A local emergency proclamation asserts a continued risk to life and property and that the response is beyond the capacity of local resources. Placer’s proclamation calls for state and federal assistance, but a federal disaster has yet to be declared that would authorize individual disaster assistance for residents and businesses.

“We are extremely grateful to our public safety partners for attacking this fire so effectively and protecting our residents,” said Placer County Emergency Services Director and County General Manager Todd Leopold. “We are fully committed to doing all we can to support our residents who have been so deeply affected by this disaster and this proclamation is a key step in ensuring that we have access to all available resources that can help.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom also declared a state of emergency in Placer County, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency provided a fire management assistance grant to ensure the availability of resources. to extinguish the river fire.

The river fire affecting Placer and Nevada counties is currently 30% contained according to Cal Fire.

The fire teams made good progress throughout the night to strengthen the lines of control and continue to defend the structures inside the fire. Falling Tree Modules will continue to remove hazardous trees in the burn area throughout today’s operating period. Additionally, a tactical patrol around the perimeter of the line of fire to clear hot spots is a priority for teams assigned to River Fire.

CAL FIRE’s damage assessment teams work with the building department and environmental health to collect data on damage to structures and infrastructure.


Evacuation orders:

Placer County:

  • Zone 1: Evacuation order-Railway west of the river. Mount. Howell Road north to
    Ben Taylor Road
  • Zone 2: Evacuation order-Rollins Lake Rd west to the river. Ben Taylor Road north to
    Rollins Lake.
  • Zone 3: Evacuation order-City of Colfax, west of I 80

Nevada County:

  • NCO-E050: Chien Bar Rd. (Central); Mount Olive Rd. (Western) -North of Buck Ridge Rd .; Chien Bar Rd. And East; south of Rattlesnake and Birch Meadow Acres; West of Clydesdale Road.
  • NCO-E102: Sierra Knoll Estates; Dog Bar (South) – North of Retherford Rd .; Sierra Knoll Estates and East; South of Taylor Crossing Road; West of the Bear River (county line)
  • NCO-E103: Mount Olive (East) – North and South of Mt. Olive Rd., West of Highway 174, north of Bear River, east of Olive Mountain, including Rolphholm Rd. And Clydesdale Road.
  • NCO-E178: Sunshine Valley Rd., Old Coach Way – All and north of Old Coach Way, east of Woodpecker Ravine, south and west of Lower Colfax Rd.
  • NCO-E180: Orchard Springs and Bear River Pines – south of Greenhorn Access Rd., West of Rollins Lake, north of Bear River, east of Highway 174.
  • NCO-E386: Powerline Rd., Talking Pines Rd., Panorama Dr.-The east side of the Colfax Freeway south of Bertino Rd. The west side of Lower Colfax Rd. South of Panorama Dr., north of the Chicago Post Office Park.

Evacuation warnings:

Placer County:

  • Zone 4: Railway track west of river, west of Weimar Cross Rd. North to Dogbar Road.
  • Zone 5: East of I 80 to Rollins Lake, north to Secret Town

Nevada County:

  • NCO-E048: Alta Sierra Country Club; Brewer Road. (North); Fay Rd., Carrie Dr., Rainbow Rd. – North of Wolf Creek; Annie Drive and West; South Alta Sierra Dr .;
    West of Dog Bar and Norvin Way
  • NCO-E163: Brewer Road. (From South); Mount Buck; Lodestar Dr. – North of Conestoga Dr .; Brewer Road. and is; South of Clover Valley and Norvin Way; West of Dog Bar Road.
  • NCO-E179: Peardale, (Center) Lower Colfax, Dalmatian – South and west of Hwy 174, north of Sunshine Valley and Panorama Dr., east of Woodpecker Ravine
  • NCO-E181: Sontag; You bet Rd. (Western); Greenhorn access road; Lost lake path. (South) – East of Highway 174, North and South of You Bet Road, West of Greenhorn
    Creek and north of the Greenhorn Access Road.
  • NCO-E187: You bet Rd. (East and South) – South of You Bet Road, West of Steep Hollow Creek, North of Bear River and Rollins Reservoir, East of Little Green Horn Creek.
  • NCO-E192: Woodpecker Ravine, Casa Loma Dr., Southern Rattlesnake Rd., Goodall Mine Rd.-South of Highland Dr., West of Woodpecker Ravine, North of Oak
    Meadows, east of Rattlesnake Road.

Evacuation centers:

Placer County: Regional Park Gymnasium, 3770 Richardson Dr, Auburn

Nevada County: Bear River High School, 11130 Magnolia Road, Grass Valley

Road closures:

Animal evacuation centers

Placer County: Placer County Animal Service Center: 11232 B Avenue Auburn, CA 95603

Nevada County: Nevada County Fairgrounds (animals only), 11228 McCourtney Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95949 is an animal shelter

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