Peak District Highland Games: Yorkshire strongman wins title

Jake Ridout, who was born in Pontefract but now lives in Sheffield, won the title this weekend after beating 11 other strongmen. It was an area of ​​great interest in Yorkshire, with former Sheffield strongman Simon Knowles and former Hull strongman Scott Maw both taking part.

Part of the event, held in Matlock, saw Jake complete seven reps to lift a 120kg log above his head and pull an eight-tonne tractor 20 meters in just 26 seconds.

The traditional caber throw saw Jake throw the 50kg piece of wood nine and a half yards, and in the stone throw he repeated that distance.

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Jake Rideout won the Peak District Highland Games

He said: “I came into this field knowing I had the ability to win and where to earn points, but Highland Games events are so easy to lose points or spoil an event due to some of the techniques and the difficulties they pose.

“I was really happy with the caber throw, I know I could have done better on the newspaper press, but I knew I had the best points in the other events to give me a good lead.”

Andrew Picken and Mark Anglesea, co-founders of Doncaster-based Man Beast strongman events, said: “This competition grows every year and with new competitors coming up to snuff, we’ve had a great battle attended by thousands of fans.”

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Jennifer R. Strohm