Cash in as little as 24 hours via an internet payday advance

The moment you usually associate with a quick loan for 30 days. Meanwhile, non-bank companies have in their offer payday loans, which can be repaid in installments. See where to look for such a loan!

When using an internet payday advance, the mighty, we usually pay back the borrowed capital after 30-31 days. In some lenders’ offers, this time may be slightly longer (eg 35 or 40 days). However, the repayment principle in each of these cases is identical – the cash should be returned to the lender’s account at the latest on the last day of the contract.

When we borrow small amounts, we usually have no problems with meeting the deadlines. Problems can arise when we reach for a few thousand zlotys. Such a loan is often difficult to return after a month. That is why some non-bank companies decided to allow clients to take their payday loans. In the table below you will find just such lenders.

Firms offering payday payments

As it results from the above statement, a payday installment is usually a loan with the possibility of paying off after two months. In this case, however, we do not return all borrowed capital once after 60 days. The loan repayment starts already after 30 days.

Momentary in installments – how does it work?

Although this solution should facilitate the repayment of the loan, we must remember that any delay in repayment of the installment may generate additional costs. Both at the first and the second installment, therefore, it is necessary to strictly stick to the deadlines. When applying for a loan, pay attention to the payment date of the installment. It is best that it falls out after the day in which we receive a salary. If possible, let us try to arrange such a payment period with the lender.

How to take a payday in installments?

The procedure for applying for payment in installments is the same as for other quick loans granted online. Simply fill out the loan form, indicate the amount needed and the repayment period, and then confirm your identity. When the loan is granted to us, we will receive all necessary documents from the non-banking institution – including a detailed schedule of repayment of installments.

Momentary in installments – how much does it cost?

As new clients of a given company, we can sometimes count on the abolition of loan fees. We will not pay you regulating your commitment on time for a break in installments, a penny. In the case of further loans, the costs of such liability will be known after logging in to your personal customer profile on the lender’s website. Companies often offer a reduction in the cost of loans to their loyal customers. However, it is worth using such solutions only when we use all the borrowing options for free.


The moment in installments is, in fact, the most common loan for two months. Not only the maximum time to repay the obligation differs from the traditional quick loan, but also the form of debt repayment – not a one-off repayment of the capital, but payment in two equal installments. This type of loan is a perfect solution for those who want to borrow more and at the same time keep the balance in the home budget.

The opportunity to take a payday loan in installments appears in selected companies, however, only when we borrow larger amounts. e.g. 1000 PLN. In the case of PLN 500, we do not have a choice – such an obligation will have to be repaid after a month.