PACC has an immediate need for foster families and adopters

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PACC needs volunteers to foster and adopt shelter animals!

The Pima Animal Care Center may be forced to euthanize animals to save space, with 722 animals currently in the shelter, 572 of which are dogs.

The shelter needs adopters and foster families immediately. Every kennel in the facility is full. The dogs are currently housed in offices and in pop-up crates in meeting rooms and lobbies. With dozens of dogs entering the shelter daily and 68 on October 18 alone, the shelter is in a crisis situation.

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Monica Dangler, director of animal services, said PACC had reached a tipping point after being in “code red” capacity for much of the past year.

Code red indicates the shelter is at capacity and no kennels are available for incoming dogs. If the shelter moves to Code Blue, it means the shelter is facing a critical capacity situation and may have to make decisions regarding euthanasia.

PACC is an open-admission shelter and welcomes all animals brought through its doors. It is PACC policy to evaluate every animal for adoption and only animals with acute terminal illnesses or irrecoverable injuries are euthanized. Euthanasia to create shelter space is only performed as a last resort when failure to do so would endanger the health and safety of other PACC animals and PACC personnel.

“Our current situation is not sustainable,” said Monica Dangler, director of animal services. “If we fail to significantly reduce the number of dogs at the shelter, we will be forced to euthanize them. PACC asks the public to help us by adopting, adopting and rescuing the dogs in our care so that we don’t have to make this heartbreaking decision.

Community members can help PACC by:

  • Adopt a dog. All animals are currently free to adopt. A $20 license fee applies to adult dogs.
  • Welcoming an animal into its own home for as little as two weeks. The placement gives animals a break from the shelter while clearing a kennel for incoming pets. PACC provides pet supplies to foster families if needed.
  • Help happy, healthy strays find their way home by posting on social media, having them scanned for a microchip, and asking people nearby if they know where the animal belongs.
  • Keep your pets identifiable with a collar and tags and/or a microchip to ensure the pet can easily return home if lost.
  • If you have lost a pet, be sure to check the PACC website daily to see if it has come to the shelter. Recovery fees are waived in most situations; the shelter just wants to reunite owners with their pets.
  • Donate to Friends of the Pima Animal Care Center.

Due to the volume of calls and the emergency in the shelter, PACC prioritizes in-person adoptions, so non-emergency calls may be delayed. For specific questions about pets at PACC, adoptions or foster families, community members should stop by the shelter in person. For emergency calls, people can call the dispatch line at (520) 724-5900 and press 4.

Pima Animal Care Center is open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. To see all the animals and services available, go to

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