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Several fundraising events have ended. Board member Vallie Szymanski and the OCSA team completed the dog walk and social ice cream, in addition to having a table every Monday at the Hayward Farmers’ Market. The raffle sales team, which set up booths at Muskie Fest, Fall Fest and Cranberry Fest, had excellent sales. The raffle winner was Ralph Elsing from Siren.

The Art For Animals Online auction facilitated by Kubarek Auction House closed on Sunday evening. There seemed to be a good auction. At the moment, I don’t know the totals. I know people have been generous with their donations. The winning offers can be picked up on October 14 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Art Beat of Hayward, 15845 W 2nd St.

As all of the above continues, the volunteers at the NHS Thrift Shop have been working very hard. It’s been a great summer for us and it took a great team to make it happen. Halloween themed items are on the shelves and this week they will start bringing out Christmas items. We have a lot of great Christmas items. I laughed when news reports said there would be a shortage of vacation-themed items due to shipping. This is not the case in our thrift store.

The thrift store will lose some of its volunteers for the winter months. If you see that you have time to share at the store, please call us at (715) 934-3121 or call me at (715) 634-4543. There are a variety of ways to help and a shift can last around 4.5 hours or less, depending on what you’re doing. They are a wonderful group of people to work with and the common goal is to support animal care at the NHS shelter.

NHS has recently been provided with a pontoon for sale. The pontoon is a Northwood Pontoon 2023 Aurora from 2007. The pontoon is in very good condition and it comes with marine feet, a newer battery purchased in 2019, a new accessory and a fish finder purchased in 2017. The motor is a 2006 Mercury 40ELPT 4-Stroke Series. The pontoon can be viewed at Mel’s Outdoor Power Sports located at 10908 W Hwy. B to Hayward. All proceeds will go to the Northwoods Humane Society. We thank Mel for her continued support and concern.

Diane Kline, our shelter dog coordinator, is great at looking after her children. She knows them and she knows what type of home is best for them, as well as a wealth of information on animal care. I had no idea she was so great at creative writing. The following is a promotional piece to encourage Goofey adoption.

“Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am Goofy, that is my name… However, does not exactly reflect my character. I consider myself a well-educated gentleman. I am an 8 year old neutered young male, and my breed is a large mixed breed with maybe a dash of Shepherd in that mix, maybe even a Dane. I find that while I love people and what they have to bring, other dogs are not everything. just not up to my high standards, so I’m looking for accommodation in a home that doesn’t have other pets.

“But let’s be honest, here I am really all you need. I like to take my time to choose my people, one can never be too careful, but once I have judged you worthy of my presence, I am quite the companion. What if you happen to bring delicious treats. . . well, the interview process will go much faster! I used to be in a host family with great people and they even had three young boys aged 8, 6 and 6. I have to brag a bit here. . . I was great with them.

“I do very well on walks as long as you carry treats. If you put a treat near your belly when other dogs pass by, I’m very focused on the treat and won’t pay any attention to the other dog. Like any true gentleman should, I’ve had all of my shots, been tested and microchipped for heartworm, and I’m taking my monthly preventative medications to keep me healthy and fit. If you would like to get a hearing with me, you must first go to the shelter’s website and complete the pre-adoption application form which can be found under the Adoptable Pets tab. Once you are approved, you can call to make an appointment to meet with me. I’m a busy man so don’t delay you might miss out on my fabulous life. Best regards, Sir Goofey.

Thank you to all volunteers, supporters and staff for their hard work and dedication to seeing our mission of caring for animals accomplished. Life is Beautiful!

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