North Berwick Highland Games 2022: the return of the event hailed as a success

THE 25th North Berwick Highland Games turned out to be a “great day for everyone”, the event chairman said, after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19.

The games were due to hold their 25th event in 2020, but instead celebrated the milestone on Saturday at North Berwick Leisure Park.

John Starr, chairman of the North Berwick Highland Games, told the Courier the event was “excellent”.

He said: “It was a great day for everyone, a great event for everyone from spectators to competitors.

“Having not had the games for two years, it was just a big event.

“Our competitors were very happy to compete again.”

With 45 bands – including Preston Lodge High School and Dunbar Royal British Legion – competing for several ranks of pipe band titles, and 114 Highland dancers of all ages competing against each other, Mr Starr said the entertainment on offer was a “ marvelous spectacle”. for visitors.

Mr Starr added: ‘I think there were over 7,000 to 8,000 people there.’

Pipers and dancers were joined by “heavy event” athletes taking part in disciplines such as caber throwing.

Families were also constantly entertained and catered for, with craft stalls, food and drink stalls, fairground rides, a demonstration by members of the Lammermoor Stick Dressing Society and a static display by the Armed Forces .

Haddington and North Berwick Pipe Bands then marched through the town, accompanied by dancers from the Highlands and the Gospel Choir, North Berwick.

Mr Starr said: “It was well attended by hundreds of people. They were often five people deep.

The games chairman admitted that Covid had affected the number of foreign pipe bands traveling to the event this year, but added: “We’ve had 104 bands before and we normally have a good contingency of foreign bands traveling, but they all made a great day of and put on a wonderful show for everyone.

Councilor John McMillan, Provost of East Lothian was the leader for the day, and Mr Starr said: ‘He really enjoyed it.

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Jennifer R. Strohm