Ninjala launches new in-game event called Pass Matsuri Festival

Ninjala is kicking off a new in-game event to celebrate the start of the second episode of its anime companion that promises a level point boost.

Ninjala launches a new in-game event to celebrate the debut of the second episode of its anime companion that promises a level point boost. This event should help players progress very quickly in the rewards of their pass, as it also allows unlimited renewal of Ninja missions.

Entitled “Ninjala Matsuri (Festival) Pass “, the event starts today and will run until August 10. This means fans have just under two weeks to take full advantage of upgraded level points and revolving missions. It works. On all Ninjala pass, so players who prefer to use the free pass will still benefit from it.

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As mentioned earlier, this is in part a celebration of the second episode of the Ninjala Cartoon Anime, which provides players with details about the history and lore of the characters and the setting of Ninjala. The first episode came out in late June and was well received, so it looks like the plan is to continue with that.

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The Ninjala Cartoon Anime can be watched on the PlayNinjala YouTube channel, and both episodes are available for free. Regarding the game itself, Ninjala can also be played without spending any money, although players who want the best rewards will need to invest in the Ninjala past.

Ninjala is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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