Newmarket staff save fuzzy baby birds with a makeshift basket nest

A small flock of fuzzy birds have been given a second life thanks to the efforts of the Newmarket Town Animal Services team and a basket.

In a welfare clip shared on Twitter, the city said animal services responded to a call from a resident who found five baby merlins on the ground. The nest and the mother were nowhere to be found.

Animal services took them in to keep them warm, the city said, and contacted Shades of Hope and the Toronto Wildlife Center to find out what they should do.

Officers made a makeshift nest from a small basket, adding leaves, sticks and grass to make it welcoming. They brought the basket and the baby birds back to the sight where they were found. There, a forestry crew member used a bucket truck to lift the nest and secure it in a tree.

As a happy ending to the story, the mother bird was seen flying to the new nest to be reunited with her babies.

Newmarket Animal Services can be contacted regarding animals in distress, animals found stray without owners, encounters with aggressive dogs and rule violations. You can call them at 905-895-5193.

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Jennifer R. Strohm