New Town of Sherman Animal Ordinances

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – Two changes to the City of Sherman’s Animal Ordinances have now come into effect.

At the last city council meeting, council members approved the amendment of two parts of the animal services ordinance.

On the one hand, people living in Sherman no longer have to register their animals, and two, people living in Sherman can also obtain a permit to sell animals.

“Most of the changes to the ordinance were simply to clean up those years of mixing those ordinances together,” said Shawn Teamann, Sherman City Council member.

Previously, every resident of Sherman was required to register any animal they owned, but Teamann said most people didn’t know about the rule anyway, so they decided to remove it.

Residents are still required to ensure that their animals are free from rabies.

“What was already part of the process is now that instead of each person having to bring their animals to have them registered when they move to town, they don’t have to; it robs the government of its freedom and personal choices, ”said Teamann.

Sherman Police Department Chief Zach Flores now runs the Sherman Animal Shelter and Animal Services and told Teamann that rabies is the main problem with animal services in every town, and that’s why they say both changes were important.

“If we can educate and encourage people to make sure that they are doing that and that they have the animals treated and vaccinated, and of course, if they are not and there are incidents with their animals. animals, maybe they bark late at night or the animal gets lost, there is potential for a penalty and a ticket, ”said Teamann.

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