Nampa Celt Fest & Highland Games Celebrate Idaho’s Celtic Culture

There’s football, basketball and baseball – and then there’s the Highland Games.

The Nampa Celtic Festival and Highland Games took place on Saturday, June 11 at West Park in Nampa. The annual community festival and sporting event, hosted by a volunteer group of the same namewhich celebrates Celtic heritage and culture.

“So this is a cultural event to show you all things Scottish,” said Carole Klungle, Nampa Celt Fest & Highland Games’ chief financial officer. “There are many events, traditional Scottish music and dancing, lots of vendors and delicious food to share.”

Treasure Valley has seen its fair share of highland games.

“In Nampa it’s been going on for about eight years. In the Boise area they also have Highland games and it’s been going on for 26 years.”

There are always several events you can see at the Highland Games, all of which cater to different types of people.

“I would definitely recommend people to come and see the heavyweight event competition. They have multiple competitions in one competition. This includes caber throw, stone throw, barbell throw and sheaf throw. so much to see there.”

The games show another side of the sport, no matter how old, young or even strong you are. Everyone is welcome.

“We have a new group for the Highland Games, a belly dancing group that has a fire stick dance. You wouldn’t have seen it at the Highland Games in Nampa and I think people would really like to see that .”

Due to the variety of games and their appeal to different people, Highland games are not going away anytime soon.

“We’ve always had a wonderful turnout, here in Nampa, Caldwell and Boise; I think that’s going to be a tradition that will go forward. People love to see the culture of all countries and sometimes we see Ireland, the Land of Wales, Daughters of the British Empire and Scotland all together at the Highland Games. I think there’s a great future just because people are so curious about other nations.”

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Jennifer R. Strohm