“My Goal Is To Participate In A Large-Scale Gaming Event” Project VEE’s Syusetsu Kohaku Talks About His Goals, Talents, And Downtime

Sony Music Entertainment Japan recently announced their new group Project VEE VTuber. The company has recruited five first-generation VTubers to join them and produce content with them that will be more than just streaming games. They will also participate in music, voice acting and other media projects to entertain Project VEE fans.

During a recent interaction with Sportskeeda’s Jason Parker, Project VEE’s Kujo Ringo talked about his hopes for the future and the challenges that come with being a VTuber. Kujo Ringo is half-human, half-vampire and has a pretty strong following with over 33,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Syusetsu Kohaku is happy to have joined the VEE project

Q. First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Congratulations on being selected for the VEE project! What’s it like to be part of the team?

Kujo Ringo: During the audition process, there were many times when I felt certain that I had failed. I remember the disbelief I felt when my selection was decided. In the past, I’ve always been a solo designer, so what makes me most happy now is that I got so many talented colleagues that I can build friendly rivalries with. I will do my best to make VEE stronger.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a Project Vee member and content creator?

Syusetu Kohaku: I will do things that I like myself! It’s because if I force myself to do things that aren’t fun for me, my viewers might get bored too. I’m especially good at FPS, where I hope to show you all how awesome and cute I am!

Q: What are your goals as a band member? Any dreams or aspirations you are aiming for?

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Syusetu Kohaku: My goal is to participate in a large-scale gaming event! I would also like to participate in tons of tournaments and events, like in Apex Legends, for example. I’m also wondering if I could have a game that would add me as a playable character as part of a collaboration or something.

Q: Will there be English streams and content, or will it be for Japanese viewers only on YouTube?

Syusetu Kohaku: My streams normally have tons of foreign viewers. I think it could also be fun to do English learning strands. When I play FPS like Apex, I pull off stunts that make foreign players say, “I don’t know what that girl is saying, but her skills are amazing.” She is so cool! Be sure to come watch me!

Q: Do you have any dream streaming opportunities? Any collaborations with other streamers or specific game franchises?

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Syusetu Kohaku: I hope to do a bunch of Apex collaborations with various other people. I am ready and willing to engage in partnerships with many mobile games. Call me! I’d like to partner with a trading card game to release a card of myself as well.

Q: When you’re not streaming or creating content, what do you do to relax?

Syusetu Kohaku: On my days off, I watch movies, eat delicious food and sweets, and I’m lazy! I also feel like I do tons of off-stream games.

Q: Were there any major challenges getting started in this new VTuber personality?

Syusetu Kohaku: I was active as a VTuber before joining VEE, but I’d like to challenge myself to do things I wasn’t doing back then, like singing videos.

Q: Everyone brings something different to streaming. Do any of your hobbies, passions, or personal skills come in handy while streaming?

Syusetu Kohaku: My talent is FPS games. I’ve already achieved Apex Predator rank in Apex Legends, which is the highest rank in the game. When I stream, I strive to show off my skills to my viewers to get them to congratulate me!

Q: Do you have a message for your fans or for people who may not yet know who you are?

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Syusetu Kohaku: I am Syusetu Kohaku! I am a fox, not a cat! NO CAT !! I’m super cute and really good at games! If you like games, don’t hesitate to come on my stream!

The VEE project is a huge undertaking by Sony Music Entertainment Japan as their biggest virtual talent development yet. Each VEE VTuber project has its own personality, streams and projects. They can all be found on YouTube, where they produce their content.

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