Moco will have its own in-game event in Free Fire starting September 10

Moco, one of the Free fireThe oldest and most popular characters from, will have their own in-game event, Moco: Rebirth, starting September 10.

The hacker’s ability is to mark enemies that are downed, sharing this information with his teammates. The Moco: Rebirth event will reveal the awakened version of the character, an outlaw who helped his friend Steffi escape prison. During this mission, Moco meets an old friend who sets the stage for his awakening. This event will bring a new interface, an exclusive item and collectibles pack, and many other rewards.

Image via Garena

The Coder’s Crib, the Moco-inspired interface, will bring daily activities and login rewards such as the Moco currency, which players can redeem for exclusive items. Players can pick up Cyber ​​Falco themed costumes and exclusive pet skins, available during the event.

Garena will reveal more details about the event soon and will post a full animated video of Moco: Rebirth on September 17th. Free fire‘s North America’s Official YouTube Channel.

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Awakened characters are special versions of Free fire characters with different abilities, skills and looks than the original ones. For now, the game offers three other awakened versions of characters: Hayato “Firebrand”, Kelly “The Swift” and Andrew “The Fierce”.

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