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As part of its strategic plan, MHS had planned to add a veterinarian to its staff as soon as we had the financial and physical capacity. The goal was to provide professional medical care to all animals in the shelter and to perform sterilizations, castrations, and other surgeries in-house. In the meantime, we’ve used low-cost neutering and neutering clinics to prepare animals for adoption (Iowa law requires neutering/neutering before adoption) and have relied on local veterinarians who have graciously provided free and discounted services to treat animals. with critical medical needs.

Since our grand opening in 2015, we have seen our adoptions increase by an average of 7% per year, while the availability of low-cost sterilization services has decreased. This has severely affected our ability to prepare animals for adoption in a timely manner, resulting in animals waiting in our kennels much longer than would otherwise be necessary.

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Additionally, the number of pet owners has grown at a faster rate than the number of medical school-educated veterinarians, causing a nationwide shortage of these services. This too has impacted MHS by limiting our access to veterinary care beyond sterilization. In 2022, these limitations reached a tipping point where MHS was considering the possibility of having to euthanize adoptable animals due to overcrowding at the shelter (caused by the backlog of neuters) and limited access to essential medical care.

The MHS board has decided to move ahead ahead of schedule with the hiring of an in-house vet. We were very, very lucky to not only find one available to rent, but also to find one with extensive animal shelter experience! With Dr. Farrington on board, we can remove the bottleneck in animals awaiting adoption readiness by performing our own in-house neutering surgeries. Not only does this solve overcrowding, but it also dramatically reduces the length of time animals stay at the shelter. Additionally, and for the first time ever, MHS can provide professional veterinary care and monitoring for every animal that enters the shelter. Words cannot express how much of an impact this has on the quality of care our pets receive while at MHS, as well as our ability to set them up for success once they are adopted! Thanks to this better detection and treatment of health and behavior problems, more animals are saved! Additionally, these healthier animals show their “best” when introduced to potential adopters and adapt better to their new homes.

Many have asked if we provide spaying surgeries for animals outside of the shelter and at this time we cannot. We currently lack the physical space to offer this service to the public, but it is part of our strategic plan to do so in the future.

Because MHS launched this program earlier than planned, we had not yet acquired the necessary equipment to fully launch a surgical room, which is why we are conducting this very important fundraiser. Please consider a donation through our “Shelter Shower” by October 31 to help us complete the implementation of this incredible program. To view our Surgical Equipment Needs Registry, please visit our website at to join in on the excitement!

MHS Pets of the Week presented by Evolve Animal Services, LLC: Suki is an 8 year old female Domestic Shorthair who arrived at MHS at the end of September after being abandoned by her owners. She is a very affectionate girl who loves rubbing her head and is currently successfully living in one of our cat colonies. She is a stocky girl who would benefit from an owner who strives to bring her to a healthy weight. Confetti is a one-year-old Domestic Shorthair who can start out a little timid and timid, but is the biggest darling when she warms up. She would like a patient owner who will let her acclimate to her new home at her own pace. She is currently living happily with other cats while at the shelter in one of the cat colonies. Tammie is a 12 year old Beagle/Dachshund mix who is ready to enjoy her golden years in a quiet home where she can snuggle up in her own warm bed. Don’t let this girl fool you though, she may be older, but she’s still as talkative as can be! duke is a 2 year old male Black Mouth Cur mix who is the happiest boy and loves getting attention. He has a lot of energy and would benefit from a yard he could run and play in with an owner who dedicated time to exercising him. He has lived with a smaller dog before and has done well, but can be selective with his canine companions, so we recommend meeting before adoption. Stop by to meet adoptable animals at MHS anytime during business hours, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. weekdays. You can also view our adoptable pets on our website by visiting

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