Lost Ark celebrates Oktoberfest with a special Arktoberfest in-game event

The MMOARPG Lost Ark is hosting a special Oktoberfest celebration event named Arktoberfest, starting Saturday, September 17, and running until October 3, 2022.

A food and drink festival (only in-game unfortunately) is coming
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lost ark. For the first time ever, Lost Ark will celebrate the Bavarian festival Oktoberfest with themed festival locations, new co-op quests, in-game festival dishes, and new cosmetics available as Twitch Drops.

Arktoberfest will start tomorrow – September 17 and will run until October 3, 2022. This is the first major new event available only in the Western version of
Smilegatetitle since the launch of Lost Ark in the EU and NA in February of this year.

Below, you’ll find the full list of everything that will be available during Arkotoberfest, including special bonuses, quests, items, and more.

Weekend Fever-time Event

During Arktoberfest weekends (based on server time for 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday), the Fever-time button will be activated to claim unique food to help you and your raid groups, in combat. These rewards can be claimed once per day every weekend, September 17, 18, 24, 25, and October 2 and 3.

  • Festival Sausage: Temporarily increases strength, dexterity and intelligence by +3000, natural recovery of combat resources +24% and attack speed +2%.
  • Festival Pretzel: Temporarily increases strength, dexterity and intelligence by +6000, and critical hit rate by +1%.
  • Gingerbread Festival: Temporarily increases strength, dexterity and intelligence +3000, HP +4500 and movement speed +3%.

Contraction drops

Starting today and running through October 3, members of the Lost Ark Creator Program have access to the all-new Beer-head cosmetic Twitch Drop to activate on their channels. Watch select Lost Ark content creators on Twitch to earn your Selection Chest, where you can choose between Lager, Indian Pale Ale, or Stout.

Viewers will need to accumulate 4 hours of watch time in participating Lost Ark streams to claim this Drop reward.


Members of the Lost Ark Creator program have access to the Beer-head cosmetic Twitch Drop to activate on their channels

You will also find new quests on the island of Gesbroy. If you haven’t been there yet, be sure to complete the main island quests:

  • The wide world of beers
  • A great old time

Completion rewards include the Lager Doll Mask, Ale Doll Mask, and Stout Doll Mask, toys that allow you to transform into a beer glass. If you want to continue working on quests that explore this legendary brewery, there are Una’s co-op tasks and quests that take place on the island.

Una’s Task Quests

Gesbroy Island Soul is one of the final rewards for completing Una’s task reputation in Gesbroy. Una’s three tasks require participation in the cooperative events listed below.

  • A great beer snack
  • An even better beer snack
  • The beer snack to put an end to all beer snacks

Cooperative Quests

A set of 3 quests occur every hour.

If he fails to complete the progress of the current quest within the time limit, the next quest does not occur.

Completing all three quests rewards a title and the items needed to complete Una’s task quests.

  • The Secret of Sweet Beer: Collect honey from bees and beehives.
  • The secret of clean beer: help the Umar and carry water barrels.
  • The secret of salty beer: Knead the dough.


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