League of Legends MSI 2021 in-game event: missions, rewards

MSI 2021 is upon us, and it’s not just League of Legends pros competing. We regular players can also get in on the action with in-game missions, rewards for watching and playing, and a Clash tournament covering the event.

MSI 2021 kicks off in Iceland on May 6 as 11 of the world’s top League of Legends teams compete for the prestigious title.

However, it’s not just the Icelandic pros who can compete and win. You too at home can pull something from MSI 2021 that isn’t just great gameplay to watch. Riot is hosting a League of Legends in-game event alongside MSI that you can participate in.

Riot games

MSI 2021 kicks off in Iceland on May 6.

LoL MSI 2021 Missions and Awards

There are a handful of in-game missions that League of Legends players need to complete before MSI 2021. They don’t take that long to complete, so you should be able to take them down in a few matches.

Here is what you need to do.

Mission Goal Reward
Veni, Vidi, Vici Win a matchmaking game in less than 25 minutes or play three matchmaking games 500 BE
Pupils save lives Win a matchmaking game with a vision score of 30 or higher, or play five matches in matchmaking 3 XP Boost wins
Whoever strikes first … As a team, win the First Blood and the First Turret in a single match, or play five matches in matchmaking Mystery emote
Monster hunter Kill four dragons and a baron in the same game, or play five matches in matchmaking Capsule of the Eternals
No pressure Win a matchmaking game with more takedowns than deaths, or play five matches in matchmaking Hextech Key and Masterpiece Chest

MSI Cup for Clash: all the details

Clash, the League’s in-game tournament client, also hosts events throughout MSI 2021. You can earn MSI Cup points by participating in both weekend tournaments.

  • Day 1 : May 8
  • Day 2: May 9
  • Day 3: May 29
  • Day 4: May 30

These points can be redeemed for rewards like profile and game banners. Plus, you’ll always get at least one orb to play in Clash, which can unlock skins, summoner icons, and more.

MSI 2021 LoL Clash Details
Riot games

You can earn many rewards by participating in the MSI Cup Clash tournament.

When does the LoL MSI 2021 in-game event end?

The MSI 2021 in-game event will end right after MSI, with missions expiring on May 27.

You have plenty of time, so whether you’re a grinder or just a weekend warrior, you should be able to do the missions — no sweat.

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