LA Animal Services pleads for public adoption as shelters reach full capacity – NBC Los Angeles

Los Angeles animal shelters are running out of space for new animals and are asking for the public’s help in adopting or fostering pets.

“We have taken action each month to increase animal adoptions, foster homes, animal transfers to rescue partners and animal returns home,” said Annette Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer. Acting LA Animal Services in a Tuesday press release, “Despite these efforts, the number of admissions continues to outpace community placements.”

Shelters across the country have struggled with an increase in the admission of medium to large dogs.

“Because more pets come into our shelters than are adopted or fostered each day, our six centers are running out of available kennels for our canine companions,” LA Animal Service officials said.

“Due to the continued increase in the number of animals, primarily dogs, at our six shelters over the past few months, we are currently at the orange/extreme level,” officials said.

To encourage more pet adoptions, the shelter will be offering reduced adoption fees on Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19 for dogs and puppies.

The shelter also received a grant from the ASPCA, which will allow them to waive fees for cats and kittens.

“We implore animal-loving Angelenos to help us find homes for the pets in our shelters by fostering and adopting them,” officials said.

Visit the ministry’s website for more information on how to help.

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Jennifer R. Strohm