Knight’s Edge x Tribe Gaming Collaboration In-Game Event Details

Lightfox Games has released its first game and is kicking off its global release with a special in-game event in collaboration with Tribe Gaming for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Lightfox Games has released its first game, Knight’s Edge, to critical acclaim worldwide and on a platform on Apple, Google and Samsung.

For the first time, a team of leading mobile game creators will have custom play modes and leaderboards for a limited-time in-game event, taking mobile gaming to the next level of influencer engagement.

From September 16-29, 2021, players are invited to join tribal creators Pat, OJ, Nat, Molt, BenTimm, Lex and Kairos at the “Stolen Axes” event at Knight’s Edge! In “Stolen Axes”, the iconic tribe axes have been stolen by monsters in their quest to steal the power of the tribe. To regain this power, each tribe creator must play through a dungeon level specially designed for them, then fight the final boss. Best of all, gamers are invited to have fun!

Players can sign up for “Stolen Axes” to play each Tribe Creator’s dungeon. After completing all 8 levels, players will earn a unique cosmetic product, featuring the Axes and the Tribe brand. Each unique dungeon has its own leaderboard where players can try to beat their favorite creator’s completion time. Additionally, players can enter creator promo codes for in-game rewards. Collect all creator promo codes to earn an in-game Tribe emote. Both the tribe skin and emote are available exclusively during the game. tribal event.

Jordan Arnold, Product Manager of Lightfox Game, said “We are delighted to partner with Tribe Gaming to create this unique gaming experience, allowing gamers to connect with their favorite creators on a next level beyond watching and to comment on their content. To bring the brand flavor of each tribe creator to Knight’s Edge, game designer Jon Peters noted that he and the team at Lightfox Gaming “worked with the creators to come up with some exciting ideas, and then we had to figure out how to make those fantasies they’ve created come true. ”It turned out a fun event that the audiences at Lightfox Games and Tribe Gaming are sure to enjoy!

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