Kern County Animal Services Launches Partnership with DocuPet | Way of life

Kern County Animal Services announced a partnership with DocuPet, a lost pet licensing platform.

According to a press release from Animal Services, pet owners can now receive free 24/7 lost pet service, as well as designer ID tags linked to an online profile. secure line when allowing their adopted pets.

According to officials, every pet license in Kern County is equipped with DocuPet’s 24/7 HomeSafe lost pet service. Each license tag is also assigned a unique code on the back, which links directly to that animal’s secure online profile, allowing anyone who finds a lost animal to easily reference the unique code and create an animal report. found in seconds. Pet owners can also create these reports as soon as they realize an animal is missing.

With the new licensing process, residents have the option to select a standard license tag at no additional cost or can upgrade to one of DocuPet’s designer tag styles or design their own tag for $15, with 20% off of all designer label sales donated to Kern County. Animal services. Every DocuPet tag, standard or designer, also serves as an official pet license in Kern County. Additionally, 10% of license fees collected are reinvested into Kern County spaying and spaying.

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Jennifer R. Strohm