Jump up m ladies…….San Diego Highland Games reopens in Vista this weekend – Celebrate this weekend!

Jump up m lady……the San Diego Highland Games reopens in Vista this weekend – Celebrate this weekend!

go down to Seen at Brengle Terrace Park within the property of the Botanical Gardens to celebrate, rediscover, celebrate and connect with your new, found or unexpected living heritage. The SDHighlandgames.org is the host and games are on, June 25-26e collect your tickets at the door.

The park is in Vista, California. If you take Amtrak, you will get off at the Vista Oceanside station.

Find your favorite clan tent in the field or discover new relationships, new societies and new lines of inheritance, communities you can join and serve or celebrate with today! You’ll find food, whiskey tastings, competitions in skill, strength, dog training, dancing, music, giveaways, scones and tea, and more. Look for harpists, fiddlers, bagpipes and singers. Taste culinary specialties and search for jewelry, instruments, international products, kilts, shields, fabrics, books, trinkets, coloring pages, books, friendships and trade associations, literature, tourist information and sponsors or games or upcoming dances and shows around SoCal.

Find your lineage and historical heritage, the name of your clan of birth, or find Scottish language lessons, from beginner to advanced, with Professor Michael McIntyre online through the Scotland House (San Diego) Where the Celtic Arts Center on Zoom every week this summer.

Links for information, tickets and digital games activities and Clans Exhibition Guide provided on the San Diego Highland Games website (link below):

www.sdhighlandgames.org (to become a member, sponsor, fan or visitor and for the digital event guide.

Clan tents and booths listed in the digital guide or at the event information table, for Balboa Park San Diego schedules, stop by the HOS tent:


Find out about your clan…for example, searching the internet can help you raise questions about your clan and clan activity, here is an example of clans using the web…. Clan Logan and search for their tent… say hi, tell them about your family today… you can do the same with any of the other clan tents on display (pre-game search can be helpful and fun !):

Clan Logan – Wikipedia

OUR VALUE – The Blog (clanlogansociety.org)

Performers and friends:


Language lessons, live sessions and events, bands, dances and more at the Mayflower Club, North Hollywood or online: (Next Scottish International Artist Event…Iona Fife!)


“Scottish singer, Iona Fyfe, in concert on Friday September 9th at the Mayflower Club (celticartscenter.com) (NOHO Los Angeles, non-profit organization housed at the Mayflower Club on Victory Blvd.)

Micheal McIntyre, Course in All Things Scottish Gael M-Tues-W nights on zoom, sponsored by the Celtic Arts Language Committee and the House of Scotland (running this summer…consider enrolling now):

Connect with your Scottish and Gàidhlig heritage.

We speak and teach Scottish Gàidhlig (Gaelic)

Gaelic Language and Culture – Gael-Talk

Events at International Cottages… new and old at San Diego Balboa Park:

Pacific Relations House International Cottages | Balboa Park

Besides the Outlander Show… real life history, comedy and views on all parts of history, culture and contemplation for the week and holiday of June 12:

History of Scotland Tours – YouTube

Hereditary information, plant badges, family societies, mock warfare and weaponry…..come see crafts, folk arts, friends, pipers, bands and family…..come for the day to discover a new place to learn, frolic, volunteer and participate for life. Learn skills, language, hospitality, dance steps, caber throwing, sports, pipe, bagpipes, marching and drumming, tradition, tunes and service, science and stories .

So for the next…head to Balboa Park, train for the Seaside Highland Games, volunteer or attend classes or take part in the upcoming Scottish Country Dancing summer events…..celebrate the return of safe sociality;

www.seasidehighlandgames.org (Ventura, October 8-9, 2022, sponsored by the St Andrews Society of Los Angeles) Watch for a wide offering of events and a children’s Dell with stories and songs.

Widespread Entertainment and Events… Across Los Angeles, The Valley, Tustin, San Gabriel Valley and Worldwide:


From Robert Burns Night, to live performances, county dances, competitions, good food and drink and camaraderie…for over 100 years…Happy Birthday Tam O Shanter to Atwater Village… or the House of Scotland in Balboa Park… you can find your dose of wonder and value at the Scottish Games. Come support their reopening. Take advantage of the breadth of commitment and skills that everyone will share – California culture…enjoying our best!

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