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Brandi DeNoon-Damewood, seated, and Michaela Damico prepared special eggs for a special hunt at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter. — Contributed

WINTERSVILLE — While you’d expect to see kids scouting for Easter egg hunts this time of year, that’s not so much the case with cats and dogs.

But the Jefferson County Humane Society changed that by hosting an Easter egg hunt and animal party for the first time at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter in Wintersville.

According to Brandi DeNoon-Damewood, community and marketing representative, more than 150 eggs stuffed with treats were hidden for the animals to find with the hunt followed by a treat party.

“We love doing these little events for the animals in the shelter,” DeNoon-Damewood commented. “It helps break the monotony of everyday life and gives them a chance to enjoy the day. I wasn’t sure if my idea would work, but with the help of volunteers and staff, the party was a huge success.

All party items were donated and giant plastic eggs were stuffed with cut-out hot dogs and held open to prevent dogs from eating the plastic eggs and contents.

“Then we ‘hid’ 84 eggs outside. All the dogs had fun finding eggs with their volunteer dog walker. It was beautiful. The dogs were so excited, and so were we,” she says. “After finding all the eggs, they enjoyed a soft-boiled egg and a Kong filled to the brim with peanut butter.”

Meanwhile, the kittens had their own special Easter egg hunt and party with sardine deviled eggs and some with catnip.

“The plastic eggs with sardines had been left open, like those of the dogs, and five of our kittens had fun eating and then playing with the plastic eggs. The other kittens loved the catnip eggs and beat them on the floor,” she says.

Volunteer Gabi Sunyoger enjoyed being part of the event. “Meira, a shy dog, learned very quickly and dragged me from egg to egg before I could even see the next egg.” she observed.

DeNoon-Damewood expressed his gratitude for the help and support from the community.

“Today was a good and happy day at the shelter, which is so badly needed right now during Animal Cruelty Awareness Month.”

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