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YUKON – The 14th Annual Iron Thistle Scottish and Highland Games Festival will be held September 11-12 at Mollie Spencer Farms, 1001 Garth Brooks Blvd., from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

The festival will feature strength, music and a variety of vendor competitions.

Events will include:

• Caber throwing. A caber looks like a telephone pole, usually made of pine, typically 16 to 18 feet tall, weighing 85 to 125 pounds.

• Throw the “Braemar stone” from a standing position, using a 20 to 26 pound stone for men, a 13 to 18 pound stone for women.

• Throwing 16 pound open stones.

• Weight for distance: throw a metallic object as far as possible. The weight classes are 28, 42 and 56 pounds for men, 28 pounds and 14 pounds for women.

• Bar Weight: Lift a metal weight – 56 and 42 pounds for men, 28 pounds for women – over a raised fixed bar.

• Sheaf throwing, in which a pitchfork is used to throw a burlap sack stuffed with straw onto a horizontal bar above the competitor’s head. The sheaf weighs 16 pounds for men and 10 pounds for women.

• Scottish hammer. This event is similar to the hammer throw as seen in modern track and field competitions, but with a few differences. In the Scottish test, a round metal ball – weighing 16 or 22 pounds for men or 12 or 16 pounds for women – is tied to the end of a handle about 4 feet in length and made of wood , bamboo, rattan or plastic.

Music will be provided by several groups, including Scotland Rising, Whiskey and Pie, The Highlanders and Flowers of Edinburgh, the Oklahoma Fire Pipes and Drums and The Highlanders Pipe and Drum.

Vendors who have engaged in the festival include Guinness, Black Anvil, Chosen Few Apparel, Runesong, Kona Ice, The Cook Shack, Scars and Stripes Coffee, Buddy’s Place, 2nd Steet Cigars, Ash and Ivy Jewelry, Renscout’s Roost and Texas Scots .

In addition, Highland cow and sheep breeding demonstrations are planned.

Admission fees are $ 10 for adults, $ 5 for military veterans and first responders. Children 9 and under will be admitted free.

For more information, contact event coordinator Ean Ray at 405-605-9022.

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