Hunt Showdown Light the Shadow Live In-Game Event

Showdown Hunting received a major update yesterday and added a new in-game event, Light The Shadow. It will run until September 22. Along with the event, the update brings new weapons, features, types of arrows, and more. The added content will remain even after the event ends.

New time of day – Sunset

Game developer Crytek has added a new time of day, Sundown. This is the twilight setting for Showdown Hunting . You can choose this time of day for three cards, Stillwater Bayou, Lawson Delta, and DeSalle. This is a permanent addition to the game, meaning it won’t go away after September 22.

New weapons

The update added two new weapons and four new types of arrows:

  • The throwing ax is a new disposable weapon similar to throwing knives. However, it deals more damage and takes more stamina. Players can wear two, but the Frontiersman trait will allow an additional ax.

  • The Hunting Bow is a mid-sized slot weapon that emphasizes stealth gameplay. It is ideal for both short and long range combat.

There are two ways to use the bow. Arrows shot with a full draw will deal maximum damage and speed, while a partial draw will deal lower damage and speed. However, you can shoot quickly with the partial draw.

You can use the Bold Seer trait to collect your stray arrows. The Reload button can be used to cancel your draw. The update also introduced four types of arrows. They are mentioned below in detail.

Types of arrows (custom ammo)

  • Basic: ballistic projectile like crossbow bolts but with lower weight, so higher range / less drop. Can be recovered and reused. (Ammo – 1/8)

  • Poison: Same ballistic as the basic arrow but the point has been treated with poison. Deals powerful poison and bleed damage on impact but does not generate a poison cloud. Can be recovered and reused. (Ammo – 1/3)

  • Frag: A less aerodynamic arrow with a small cluster bomb attached to the tip. It is cocked on impact and will explode 1.5 seconds after its first hit. It is less reliable against moving targets but excellent for chasing targets from shelters and buildings. (Ammo – 1/3)

  • Concertina: A less aerodynamic boom with a small, spring-loaded accordion tip that will fray on impact. Allows you to place small wire obstacles or temporarily entangle an enemy. (Ammo – 1/3)

The description above is only a small part of the update. The patch offers more like three new traits and balance changes. You can read about them on To smoke.

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