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Any other Saturday, Keenan Bruce would likely be fly fishing the river or hanging out with his family. On Saturday, however, he was among a large crowd of kilted contestants testing their strength and endurance at the third annual Highland Games at Cody Stampede Park.

Three days later, her body continued to remind her that games weren’t just for show.

“I’m still sore,” Bruce said. “My biceps and hams are screaming at me. “

What started as a small family and employee affair for Nelson Log Restoration quickly turned into a massive event staged on Saturday with hundreds of fans in attendance.

“My mom and dad, Mark and Mary Nelson organized the event. We wanted to try to make it a fun and free family event for people to do, ”said event volunteer Maggie Heron. “It’s good for people to come and enjoy something a little different.”

Competitors from three classes took to the arena to test their skills in a wide variety of Scottish challenges. The most popular is probably the caber throw, where a large, tapered pole is thrown.

“It was probably the toughest event,” Bruce said. “You’d think flipping a stick would be easy, but it’s a big stick.”

He was going to win the dinnie stone event, lifting a 378 pound boulder and carrying it as far as he could. Bruce lugged the stone 70 feet, almost 20 feet further than any other competitor.

Heron said the fairground is a perfect venue and hopes next year will be just as successful. Everyone is welcome to try it.

“As long as they’re wearing a kilt,” Heron said.

Bruce has said he’s definitely back for next year, which will be his third year in competition.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Bruce said. “You feel like a little kid again picking up stones and lifting logs. You pay for it about a week later, but then you feel good.

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