Hesperia animal shelter overwhelmed with animals for adoption

You could help save the lives of dogs and cats in San Bernardino County.

The Hesperia Animal Sanctuary is at capacity and although it is a no-kill shelter, it is broadcasting an urgent message for help.

They need homes for dogs and cats that could be euthanized for lack of space.

The shelter currently has about 220 animals, cats and dogs, for adoption. But of those, 50 are considered redlisted…meaning they are in imminent need of rescue or adoption because of the time they have been in the shelter. Some have been there for several months, and others may have behavioral or medical issues.

Currently, Hesperia Animal Shelter has 30 red-listed dogs and 20 cats. Euthanasia is a last resort that the shelter hopes to avoid.

Most dogs are large breed dogs such as pit bulls, German shepherds and huskies. The reason for the influx is due to the pandemic.

“During COVID, unfortunately, there were a lot of animals that couldn’t be spayed or neutered and that wasn’t necessarily something that was necessarily crucial at that time, and unfortunately we’re seeing the repercussions of that. “, said Bridget Meaden. Animal Services Supervisor.

If you’d like to bring one home, check out the City of Hesperia website or the Hesperia Animal Sanctuary Facebook page.

Next week, the shelter is hosting a Clear the Shelter event Tuesday through Friday with adoptions priced at $20. Generally, adopting a pet would cost $80.

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Jennifer R. Strohm