Helensburgh and Lomond Highland Games “need your help to survive”


The organizers of Helensburgh and Lomond Highland Games have warned that this year could be the last for the event unless they can get more community support – and more money.

The dwindling number of committees and the lack of sponsors left the future of the Games uncertain.

The event receives a large sum each year from an anonymous beneficiary, but the committee does not want to depend on a single source of funding.

The Games are set to return this summer after two years of Covid-forced cancellations.

It will be held on Saturday June 4 at the grounds of Helensburgh Cricket and Rugby Football Club in Ardencaple.

The organizers are now calling on local businesses to provide all possible support to secure the future of the event.

Secretary Sarah Osborne said: “We are now at the point where our purse strings are so tight that we won’t have the money to go on.

“Besides the anonymous donation, we will go around and knock on doors asking local businesses to sponsor.

“Anything anyone can spare would be a great help to us.

“We’re trying to keep costs down as much as possible given the way things are going and everything going up – obviously we’re affected by that as well.”

The modern version of the Helensburgh and Lomond event has been around since 2007, although the city’s Highland Games history dates back to 1889.

Given her history and popularity, Sarah thinks it would be a great loss.

She added: “People came from all over the world to attend these Games.

“I get emails from America, Australia and China from people who want to come. We get people from the city competing, and we get people from overseas to do the same.

“It’s such a traditional event that we put our heart and soul into. I would hate to see him die.

Tickets are on sale and can be purchased at bit.ly/3IiAM9h.

Those interested in sponsoring or joining the committee should contact Sarah at [email protected]com.

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Jennifer R. Strohm