Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells New In-Game Event Series

Zynga announced that its Magic Match-3 mobile game, Harry Potter: puzzles and spells, launched the very first Club Challenge in-game event. Available now for players worldwide, this first series of recurring limited-time events challenges player clubs to enter the Forbidden Forest to navigate, explore and overcome a new interactive map full of hidden obstacles, special encounters and rewards.

Unlocked at player level 55, Club Challenge introduces a new, separate interactive path for the game’s solo travel, offering an exclusive and independent system of points, rewards, and “lives” in each of its events. Spanning up to three weeks at a time, each Club Challenge event will transport players to a unique, interactive location on a map, marked with puzzles to solve to continue their progress. Earning points for each puzzle they complete, players will receive three daily “lives” specific to the Club Challenge feature in Harry Potter: puzzles and spells. As club members collaborate to navigate the maze-shaped map, they will encounter both pitfalls and rewards as they earn points and work together to contribute to their club’s league rankings.

For the inaugural Club Challenge event, players will leave the safety of Hogwarts and enter the mysterious and often dangerous Forbidden Forest. As club members explore the Mythic Forest, they will discover rare but revered artifacts from the Wizarding World, like the coveted House Cup or the Gryffindor Sword, to access the final puzzle. In the final showdown, players must team up to defeat some of the forest’s fiercest creatures, including the mountain troll and Hungarian horntail, or Ron’s most heinous foe, Aragog.

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