GTA 6 announcement set to happen as an in-game online event

The latest big leak in the Grand Theft Auto fandom isn’t even about the unannounced but happening GTA 6, but it kind of is also. We know that on November 11, GTA 5 will be releasing once again on a new generation of consoles, and GTA Online is going standalone – and now it looks like multiplayer will be part of the marketing for the sequel as well.

Dubbed Extended and Improved, frequently referred to as E&E, GTA 5’s native ports to Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 are more than just a visual overhaul and cashout – especially if it’s leaks on a brand new one. content and more. are to be believed. However, the most interesting part of the leak might not even be related to the improved port at all.

We press again on the “if Rockstar is not the source, pinch some salt” sign that we hung here, but in this case we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the leak were true, with what the standalone version of GTA Online meant to outlast GTA 5 itself. It looks like multiplayer will have a very active part in GTA 6’s ongoing reveal and marketing campaign.

Leaks indicate that in-game events will be used for both the announcement and subsequent promotion, meaning more than one event is in store. They will be live events in the sense that you will need to be connected online exactly when they are happening, or your only bet will be watching recordings on YouTube or similar.

GTA 6 rumored announcement via GTA online event

Fans immediately compared this method of alleged disclosure with the type of live event promotions seen in the ever-popular Fortnite: Battle Royale, which hosted live events not only related to itself but for external properties like wonder and Star wars. The autonomy of GTA Online is just one more step towards truly becoming the live service game that it has clearly wanted to be for some time now, so having live events in the game seems appropriate.

Between this rumor of live events related to GTA 6 Online and Rockstar’s increasingly prominent collaborations with real music artists, this definitely makes the GTA Online storyline used for publicity all the more likely. going forward, which is something we kind of predicted.

Only time will tell if there is any truth to these leaks, but given the colossal audience GTA Online receives, this is as viable an ad and promotion platform as any, and that decision would be. the next logical step in its evolution.

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Jennifer R. Strohm