Give a Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless animals of Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – The people of Utah have all kinds of Thanksgiving traditions, but the one constant is usually a big dinner.

For a group from Salt Lake City, this meal looks a bit different as the organizers worked to make sure no one was left behind.

It’s another Thanksgiving tradition, running around town on the Wednesday before the holidays to get all those last minute ingredients for the feast.

Inside one building however, the binge eating is over and recipients are about to be ready for that long post Thanksgiving nap.

“I look forward to it every year,” said Debbie Pierce who hosted the special meal.

She has been meeting with this group to prepare meals for nine years now. “It’s one of my favorite traditions. “

It’s about giving back and giving something to those who maybe need a little boost in their lives. They had had a lot of the usual Thanksgiving dishes, but some ingredients are a little more unusual.

Because it’s not every day, these recipients can eat people’s food.

Volunteers from Salt Lake County Animal Services prepared special Thanksgiving treats for all of the dogs and cats at the shelter.

Pierce said. “It’s amazing to see them so excited when they see this plate of food coming and it warms my heart.”

Like us, they can’t wait to dig although they may have a little different table manners.

The volunteers who showed up at sunrise for this said it was the least they could do to thank.

“Because they give us joy,” Pierce said. “They are incredible creatures and they make our lives complete.”

November 30 is Giving Tuesday, where many organizations hope to raise funds to serve their communities.

The organizers of Salt Lake County Animal Services hope to raise at least $ 15,000 for their fund for injured animals.

Get more information on how to donate here.

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Jennifer R. Strohm